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About Us

About Us

My grandparents, Marius and Sarie Kuipers, immigrated from Holland in the 1920's and started the Orchard on Barnaby Road. During this time the Orchard was a commercial and local producer of cherries, apricots, peaches, pears, apple, and prunes. 

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During the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s my parents, Richard and Edith Kuipers transitioned the orchard from commercial production while scaled back the orchard significantly. Large sections of the apple and pear orchard where removed and in my fathers advanced years he did what he could to manage the orchard and farm while not replanting any new fruit trees.

Today, one hundred years later from my grandparents’ time the orchard and farm are still active selling cherries, apricots, peaches, and prunes. We are planting new tree’s yearly and growing the orchard in the interest of serving our local community as well as tourists that visit yearly. The original property is divided in two with my sister and her husband owning Twin Oaks Organic Orchard next door. 


Our agricultural philosophy doesn’t embrace commercial mono-cropping or high-density fruit growing techniques that create an orchard environment that requires high pesticide use. With our eco-diverse orchard environment, you can be assured that pesticide use is limited dramatically in comparison to commercial growers. 

We are third generation farmers, and we invite you to come and enjoy some of our delicious fruit while taking in the beautiful view of Okanagan Lake. We offer the you-pick experience on all our fruit as they are ready throughout the season.


Vince & Connie Kuipers


History in the Okanagan Mission

Marius Kuipers

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